Author of Confessions of a Lycanthrope


GL Edwards is the author of the harrowing novel, Confessions of a Lycanthrope, and the upcoming novel, The List.  Gene was born in Phoenix, AZ and spent his childhood in Louisiana before relocating to Southern Illinois.

He has previously worked as a private investigator, pipeline operator, athletic trainer, and more recently has worked in the fields of therapeutic massage and occupational therapy…

Book Signing

Circa 2013 – one of my book signings. I believe this one was in California!

New Book Cover

The newly designed cover of my upcoming novel – The list!



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Confessions of a Lycanthrope

Unable to cope with the tragedies in his life, including the loss of his young daughter, Caleb escapes from his overwhelming misery by retreating to a remote part of Alaska to work. While there, he and a friend are savagely attacked late at night by what Caleb initially believes to be a bear. Soon enough, Caleb realizes that life as he knew it has abruptly come to its end.